Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ashers' Personal Three Month Challenge

Okay, if you've ever been on goodreads you'll know they have groups, and on these groups they can have some pretty awesome challenges. I took part in the Winter Challenge on goodreads and got 9 books read. Now I am going to do my very own challenge that I can create, edit, and talk about on this blog. Suggests are welcome.

Please note this is still in the first stages of creating, it's most likely going to change. But! Let's get on with it. And I shall show you the categories!

1. Bookclub frenzy- I am on four goodreads bookclubs, and each one has one or more books we read a month. So in each month I want to read at least TWO BOOKS that have been chosen for the monthly read.

2. Friend's request- Recommendations from friends, or borrowed from friends, I want to read at least THREE BOOKS recommended or borrowed from friends in the next three months.

3. TBR- I have the worst case of buying books I don't need (check out my IMMs if you don't believe me) so in the next three months I want to read TWO BOOKS that have been on my shelf for at least a year.

4. Creature Feature- This is a very broad category of any form of creature (examples: zombies, vampires, werewolves, trolls, fairies etc) I want to read FOUR BOOKS in the next three months to do with creatures.

5. Realistic- I'm not the biggest realism fan, and I want to change that. So, I am aiming to read TWO BOOKS without any form of paranormal or fantasy or horror in them.

6. Rereads- I'm a massive fan of rereading books, like a lot of the times I like rereading books over picking up a new book, because if I've enjoyed it enough to want to reread it, then I know it won't disappoint me when I pick it up. With this in mind I want to reread ONE SERIES in the next three months.

7. Golden Oldies- I'm not a big fan of classics, but I know that they're supposed to be appreciated. Which is why I want to read TWO BOOKS that are not contemporary.

8. Kindle Books- I have over a hundred books on my kindle, and most of them I've wanted to read for a while, therefore I want to read at least THREE BOOKS that are on my kindle.

9. New Releases- I love new books, but I often get them, put them on my shelf, and wait til they're old releases. I want to read at least ONE BOOK that has just been released in the next three months.

Those are the categories, and if you think about it, that's a bucket load of books I'm wanting to read, I mean, at least twenty books in three months. That's a lot. I'm not saying that I will get through them all, but I'm going to have a good try at it.


No overlapping books: if you have one book representing one category, it cannot represent another one as well. You can change the category it's in, but you can't have it double worth.

No cheating: Read the books.

Reviews: This hopefully will give me incentive to review more. Each book I read will have a review of it up on the blog.

Monthly check in: I will come in at the end of the month and tell you how I am doing.

If you want to take part then please do so, help me along with it, if you don't that's fine, this is just a bit of fun for me to be honest. But yeah, this is hopefully going to get me more read this year and get me out of my reading slump!

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